Friday, 2 October 2015

freedom in the forest

We walked into the jungle from near Bonampak, myself, my friend and guide Emma from Transtulum and our local guide, whose name I do not know how to write!  So beautiful and as easy to walk through as an oak forest in England.  I had been missing fruit as, ironically, there was none available at the cabins where we were staying.  The eggs, corn tortillas and vegetables are wonderful, I just missed having a big plate of tropical fruit.

Getting into the jungle though I felt life force returning and contentment too where you feel you have everything and all the connection you need.  Walking quietly and independently, though together, through the forest, you naturally,and effortlessly  bond with other humans in a way that still leaves you free and free to be yourself. Hmm...
cascada ya toch kusam, home of the swallow

Mayan ruin in jungle

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