Friday, 2 October 2015

ibogaine and temple plant medicines together

There seems to be a new trend beginning, which makes completes sense.

Shea Prueger, currently the world's youngest ibogaine provider, is teaming with Subin, a former  monk and expert in revitalizing herbal tonic medicine to create a new kind of centre.

"While in the temple, Subin became much more interested in plant medicine. So, when he left the temple, he approached me about working together. When we officially open, ibogaine will still be the main focus. However, we will also be offering snakebite remedies and all of the temple detox and revitalization concoctions he has mastered. We’ve secured a two-acre piece of land with a beautiful six-bedroom property in a semi-remote area of the island. We will be growing all of the herbs ourselves. This new center, while still an ibogaine center, will be incorporating methods important to Thai culture. It will be a center that is respectful and essential to the community allowing us to be here."

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