Thursday, 8 October 2015

ibogaine a unique plant medicine

After many years researching what takes us into our natural state of happiness I came to the conclusion that our interactions with the plant world and nutrition that we can obtain from plants are absolutely key elements. The plants that we are naturally designed to eat, even fruits, have undeniable effects on our neural system and the way we experience life. Psychoactive plants, used in a considered way, have been an intrinsic part of the human journey.

Unfortunately, during our journey as the human species, we have veered off track of naturally happy lifestyles in many ways. It’s as if, in today’s world, we have forgotten what makes us happy and healthy, and what our true needs and nature are. Or the world does not support them. It’s understandable that many humans are now self-medicating with chemical substances as well as artificially processed plant chemicals just to get through the day. Because these substances are just substitutes for what people really need, they never quite get anyone to where they want to go. They put their systems out of balance, so they can lead to addiction. Addiction can be defined a person’s uncontrollable attachment to the use or abuse of any substance or activity.

Healing miracles in our time.
I have set up just set up a new website  to share knowledge of the incredible healing power plants, nutritionally and medicinally. It is focused on the unique healing plant medicine, ibogaine, because of ibogaine’s unique powers to reset the biochemistry of brain and give an individual a fresh start. In particular it is ibogaine’s power as an addiction interrupter that has given it a growing reputation for giving people their lives back. Freeing people from compelling but harmful behaviour.
We are reaching out to those people caught up in the cycles of addiction and trauma and also loved ones who are trying to help. Addiction can not only be to substances if course, but to all kinds of activities and behaviours. This site is intended to be a resource for dealing with addiction and healing trauma in general, by a variety of means.

I believe that everyone is searching for a real sense of connection and being alive. All this work is about  learning how to gaining a vibrant sense of connection to life in a healthy, happy and sustainable way. Addiction is increasing rapidly in the modern world and the classic treatments of rehab and meetings are not achieving the success rates people had hoped. It seems that a situation has arisen in the world that really can only be healed with plant medicines. This is spoken about in world mythologies, for example in the Huichol tradition of Mexico, good plant medicines are brought in to replace the bad drugs. There is much beauty in the process. You can rise from a state of quiet desperation to a vantage point beyond even that you had imagined – and sustain it, and live from it.

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