Tuesday, 27 October 2015

How we can effectively overcome narcissistic abuse

Learn how and why we become addicted to the pain and abuse from the narcissist. Discover how we believe talking about our pain helps, yet lengthens our recovery process, and understand how we cement our deterioration at a physiological, psychological and emotional level without realising it.

These are the steps to healing:
1. Recognition that the emotional pain is the symptom of unhealed inner identity beliefs
2. The acceptance that the outer situation or person who triggered your pain is a catalyst bringing up for you what you need to heal
3. The embracing and being with the emotion in order to access the inner identity dysfunctions that require healing
4. The real easing of the pain and negative inner identity beliefs to allow the space to be cleared for:
5, The bringing in and alignment to true self function in order to transform the previously painful inner identity issues

Learn how to break your peptide addiction and create a healthy peptide cycle. Discover how to access and transform your Inner Identity's limiting beliefs taken on from past lives, childhood and painful love relationships. Learn how to align your Inner Identity with the life you really want to live.


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