Sunday, 28 February 2016

Aloe makes for younger skin

Aloe vera in my garden
As far as I understand it, wrinklees ar a kind of scar tissue and aloe gel, especially fresh straight from the leaves has an almost magical effect on damaged skin and wounds. Aloe vera also contains valuable monatomic elements which improve neural function.

"According to scientists with the Department of Dermatology of the Seoul National University Boramae Hospital in Seoul Korea, taking a small amount of aloe vera gel on a daily basis can significantly improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.
Their research took thirty women over the age of 45, giving one group a small dose of 1,200 mg of aloe gel per day, and the other group 3,600 mg of aloe gel per day. The women’s baseline status was used as a control and their wrinkles and elasticity were measured before and after a 90 days period of supplementation.
The results of the research weren’t only promising, they were pretty remarkable. All of the women experienced a decrease in wrinkles, with the women in the lower-dose group also seeing improvements in facial elasticity. All women also saw an increase in collagen production."

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