Saturday, 13 February 2016

Global Ibogaine Conference

The Global Ibogaine Conference will be held 14th to 16th March in Tepoztlan, a beautiful and old Mexican town within easy reach of Mexico City.  This highly recommended and unprecedented event will host over 60 speakers (see here) covering every aspect of this groundbreaking addiction treatment and will take this whole field to a new level. You can find out more about this history making event and book your ticket at an more about ibogaine itself in this article and at .
Described as twenty years of psychotherapy in one night, ibogaine treatment interrupts addictions  to a wide variety of substances and also heals trauma and addiction to negative thinking and thus is transforming lives.
The town of Tepoztlan itself is a Mexican “magic town”, one of a selection of Mexican towns so designated for the magical experience of visiting them,  their natural beauty, cultural riches, legends, historical relevance, and magical day to day life.  The nearby Tepozteco national park is an area of outstanding natural beauty. You can see a video of the area here:

Mexico City’s international airport can be reached  easily from all over the world, flying into Los Angeles and then taking a connecting flight from there can sometimes be the most price efficient way to make the journey. Travel tips here.

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