Friday, 12 February 2016

Psychoactive Substances Act

A new law, the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016,  comes into effect in the UK in April, it was given royal assent on 28th January.
It prohibits any substance  that is psychoactive, with the exceptions of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, controlled drugs, approved medicinal products, and foods. It includes tryptamines such as you find in ayahuasca herbs. Ayahuasca will be banned as there’s no history of medicinal use in the UK, but products such as St John Wort etc will probably not be affected. Ibogaine, the natural remedy for addiction is covered by the ban.

At one stage, while the psychoactive substances bill was going through Parliament, it was decided to exclude natural substances from the bill. Much of the healing community breathed a sigh of relief, but these plant medicines became included in the ban again later.

The full details can be accessed here.

As of this April, when this Act comes into effect, ibogaine will be effectively prohibited in the United Kingdom. Information has been updated on the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance legal status map.
They say “This is further evidence of How Prohibition is Depriving Society from Essential Medicines and Therapeutic Toolshttp:
At the Global Ibogaine Conference this March you are invited to
join the discussion about changing drug policies and regulatory frameworks for ibogaine .

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