Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Beauty of Ibogaine

"...the beauty of ibogaine. It not only interrupts addiction and withdrawal symptoms but deals with the root causes.  It’s true that there are cases where people become addicted to prescription medications and just need some help to kick the habit and in these cases ibogaine can do its work of comfortably lifting this dependence.
Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance.  During an ibogaine session, after ingesting the medicine, the patient enters into a dream like state and encounters visions.  They experience a clearer view of life events which enable them to come to terms with them and move on.  They may experience other guidance.  At the same time there is  a brain reset.  Opiate and neurotransmitter receptors are normalised for a new start.
Interestingly, nicotine is an addiction that is, more often than not, not shifted although it happens in about 40% of cases.  It is one of the most addictive substances known, but, to be honest, it is not the priority for most people coming for treatment.  The director of the ibogaine centre I visited tells how, after an ibogaine session, smokers will often light a cigarette even if it makes them nauseous at first, simply because they want to smoke, their primary addiction having been dispensed with.  On the other hand, there is a very high percentage success rate with alcohol and other drugs.
Ibogaine versus iboga
As described, iboga is the name of a visionary and healing central west African plant.  Ibogaine is the chief therapeutic constituent found in the root of this planet.  The question often arises in holistic circles whether it would be better to use the complete root of the plant rather than an extracted constituent.  It is true that there are other active ingredients in the iboga root but there are also a lot of toxins.  And do we really know what the other chemicals are and what they do?  In the case of milder doses for some kind of shamanic journey, iboga root may be a choice for some.  In larger unmeasured doses it is not without risk. Even for psychotherapeutic use it is wise to measure the dose.  In the context of the modern world, many of our problems, for example with  manufactured drugs, are far from being natural ones; we are well off that path.  Extracting the ibogaine from the iboga plant not only eliminates toxins but enables a measured dose to be given, to achieve the best results.  The highest quality extracted ibogaine known as ibogaine hcl is produced by only one company which is located in Canada.  They supply only to approved practices.  By using this it can be certain that it is genuinely pure medical grade ibogaine.
To deal with an immediate and serious problem such as drug addiction it is essential to generate what is called a ‘flood dose’ in order to push out artificial opiates and other foreign chemicals out and restore natural opiate functioning in the brain.  The dose must be neither too small nor too large.  It is based on the patient’s weight and is precisely measured.  The medicine is put into a number of capsules for the patient to swallow shortly after which the visions will begin.  In this way ancient wisdom meets modern medicine.

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