Monday, 29 February 2016

John Trudell ~ extremely eloquent therefore extremely dangerous

"Apocalyptic propaganda is the basis of western religion. It's a control mechanism by instilling fear. You instill the fear so people won't think clearly. Everything is there to disrupt the creative intelligence so it doesn't flow with clarity and coherence. So fearing the apocalyptic is just a mining tool they've been using since they came up with the concept of the male dominator god. But what I will say about this thing they call the Mayan calendar is it ends in 2012 because they ran out of stone. Look at it, there was no more room. Basically all the apocalyptic stuff is based on Christian interpretation of reality. Of course, apocalyptic propaganda is used to keep people off balance, to keep them from thinking clearly. It's a mining tool. " JohnTrudell

"He's extremely eloquent ... therefore extremely dangerous," from FBI memo

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