Tuesday, 8 July 2014

magical sunset walk in meare

I've found a beautiful circular thirty minute walk that's ideal for barefooting and watching the sunset and even do some sungazing over the Somerset Levels by the river Brue near my home.  When you look at the low lying sun (obviously briefly) you see how its's a living being with a life  and consciousness of its own.

 It's so magical, sometimes I see deer, often swans on the river, many many rabbits confidently scampering around in the land backing onto the river, also bats circling. 

  It's amazing in the sun but also in different weather conditions; a few evenings I went out there to find swathes of the legendary Avalon mist low lying over the fields.

 Every evening it's a  little different. There's something about doing the same walk every day at about the same time.  Tuning into the Gaian network, the original internet, through the trees, birdsong, the water and the sky.

There seems to be no getting away from the fact that our internal biochemistry makes a difference.  After wavering a few times, travelling away from home, the 'raw high' kicks in almost like clockwork for me about 72 hours of being back with my chosen way of eating, and with it a blissful tuning into birdsong and the sounds of nature in general and a feeling of hearing what they are communicating.

Himalayan Balsam

I love Himalayan balsam, I know it's an invader and can take over from other long standing species here but I love its exoticness and fragrance  and the masses of pink flowers by the rhynes.

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