Wednesday, 16 July 2014

strawberries and cream

kefir, raw strawberry coulis and raw cream

So traditional and yet so updated.  And so delicious. 

Of course not that long ago dairy products such as milk and cream were not pasteurised so all our cream was raw.  Traditional diets around the world have taken what is available locally and adapted it to meet our nutritional requirements now that we are away from our wild biological habitats.  In the British Isles where we do not get consistent sunshine we have had other sources for vitamin D often through dairy products.  Pasteurising or heating them reduces the vitamin D content so is slightly missing the point.  

Fruit is a very natural food for humans to eat and strawberries are great as as most berries are with low glycemic indexes (they don't spike blood sugar levels) and with lots of vitamin C and also B17 especially if blended so the seeds become nutritionally available.  Throw in some noni and we're home!  So this is my recipe:

400g strawberries
40g dried mango, soaked
1 Tbsp raw honey

Just blend together until smooth.  If you use a vitamix you can just put in the dried mango as is; with a less powerful blender you are best to soak the dried fruit first in spring water.

Here I served this delicious coulis with kefir sprinkled with lucuma powder and vanilla powder as well of course the dollop of raw cream on top.  We have our kefir delivered from Dreamers Farm.  You can see  a list of raw dairy suppliers here.

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