Saturday, 12 July 2014

the magic of barrow mump a beautiful bump

This area of Somerset is strewn with mounds which rise above the Levels, an area which until comparatively recently was under water.  The mounds formed islands rising above the lakes and these areas were inhabited a long time ago.  I love the lingering memory sense of the boat travel between the islands.  For  a year I lived in a caravan on the Levels and this impression was very vivid. The mounds intrigue me and I often look at them and wonder if they formed with or without human intervention.  Barrow Mump at Burrowbridge is a lovely place to visit, it's a quick trot to the top, almost like a miniature Glastonbury Tor and the views are beautiful.  Travelling between Somerset and Devon as I often do its a great place to stop and go barefoot and connect to the energy of the Earth and so be inspired.  The name burrow implies that that the mound was made by humans, just as a rabbit excavates its burrow.  The topsoil has been examined and found not to be local but brought from about twenty miles away.    Another magic place to enter a magical state of awareness.
Alder in Ogham tree lore is determination, discrimination

Lizzy at the top

Lizzy on the Levels

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