Thursday, 17 July 2014

raw high, home grown strawberries and durian meets cream

strawberries in my Somerset garden

Over the last few weeks have really enjoyed the raw high at its best again - I'm the kind of person who can easily slip into eating too much of the wrong types of food when I'm under a lot of pressure and justify a bit of this and that.  After a while it can all add up and when I go back to eating a fresher lighter diet I really notice how much happier I feel.  It's been so nice to have some time settled working at home in the beautiful summer weather with the abundance of local and not so local fruits. After 3 days (in fact almost exactly 72 hours in my case) without deviation from what I know works for me in terms of sustaining that special feeling that can come when not eating any cooked food  I feel a transformation, a lift in mood, a different feeling and perspective on life, one which I much prefer.  It's like feeling more aligned with the life force and less in the clutches of mental and cultural conditioning. Anyway, a topic to endlessly come back to.

Meanwhile what have I been eating?  Right now, although eating some salad and raw vegetable soups too, I have been mainly enjoying the lovely summer fruits, both local and tropical..raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, cherries (from Cheddar Gorge), mango and durian (bought frozen and thawed).  And complemented with my beloved raw dairy produce - local raw Jersey milk made into kefir and local raw Jersey cream.  I also have a few strawberries and raspberries  grown in my own little garden patch, cucumbers and tomatoes on the way.  Even to grow a small amount is a lovely fulfilling connected feeling.

kefir, mango, cherries, raw cream and vanilla powder
Breakfasts, which I eat several hours after getting up as I prefer to spend the early morning on drinks and maybe a little bee pollen, have been an adventure.  Lovely ripe mango with fresh raw cream or kefir and cherries, lucuma and vanilla powder sprinkled on.  Usually I mix noni powder and lucuma powder into the kefir as the noni complements the kefir marvellously because it opens up the pores in the intestines to allow the large tryptophan molecules in the kefir through.
kefir, mango, raw crea, cherries , vanilla and lucuma powder

Even occasionally I am having durian and cream for breakfast!   Generally durian is a fruit I generally like to eat alone intact but raw Jersey cream and durian seem to have a strange affinity to each other, at least in my taste buds and digestive system, that rich fatty but fresh feeling.  I feel euphoric afterwards and nourished for hours.  In this photo can you tell where the cream beigns and the durian ends?   See what I mean!

durian and fresh raw Jersey cream

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