Monday, 28 July 2014

rawfest 2014

In the heatwave on gorgeous land near Tunbridge Wells.  We had a Food for Consciousness stand and several talks.

Expanding our neural horizons with biological lifestyle:

Biological diet, symbiotic relationship with fruit trees and psychotropic plants, whereby DNA read to full divine potential.  Raw alchemy is getting nutritional richness that we can assimilate in our current state whilst maintaining the lightness and pristine nature of food that will enable our neural systems to fire up.  The twist is cerebral dominance and reducing it to the point where we can bring our culture out of programming into the light of day, we can get into connection with the bioelectrical aura of the earth,  the Gaian network, coming back into feeling  and back on track of our magical evolutionary potential

True compassion is not for the unfeeling ego trips of the numbed off human species but a commitment to the dream of what humanity can become.  We are not here to pick up broken pieces but to create a new life.

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