Thursday, 10 July 2014

true confessions of my escape from electronic relationships

Have had the enormous pleasure recently of deactivating my facebook account.  By the way I still have a public page to which I post blogposts from here because I acknowledge that many others, like me, have connected with beneficial knowledge and also people they want to meet through this medium.  The trick is not to let it take over and this is easier said than done.  It can easily turn into a major distraction (I once met a woman who spent by her own admission14 hours a day on it) and an alternative to a much more fulfilling life in the sensory world of nature including humans.  Someone told me that their friends who had come off it felt a major weight off them.

I was so happy to be off it that I had  a major urge to go back on and make a status update to that effect...fortunately I had forgotten my password and in my frenzy tried to reset so many times that I got blocked for 24 hours which really saved the day.

Social media is understandable in  a world where we seem to have lost touch with our telepathy and humans still need contact with each other but often don't like each other... However I was noticing how many people were remarking on facebook about the state of their eyesight and also the insanity of it all, and of course to some degree it is fakebook, people can be facebook friends but not even recognise each other in the street, let alone have any desire to connect with each other in such a situation.

And of course all that great 'information'..well, firstly is that titbit in the newsfeed really the next clue we were looking for in the fulfilment of our life purpose and while it's great to read a well chosen book (or indeed blogpost) on a subject of interest or listen to a speaker whom we are interested in but surely we also need time to reflect and allow our own insights to come through from source.  I have noticed `I am 'downloading' more in the way I used to since abandoning this dubious pastime.

(p.s. with public page on facebook  there is no news feed and you only see notifications if you specially click on the appropriate tab, so you can post stuff without getting distracted.)

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