Friday, 11 July 2014

holy thorn on wearyall hill

We shouldn't have laughed when we realised that the new holy thorn tree planted to replace the vandalised one, had also been destroyed since we were last up here.  Now the old battered thorn is being celebrated with ribbons.  

Wearyall Hill is lovely to see from the town of Glastonbury...when you take the short stroll up there it's another world.  We were contemplating just how magical it would have been up there comparatively recently without the sounds of cars; now we need to go further afield into the countryside to have this amazing experience.  I think we underestimate the impact of car noise on our sanity.  Yes we get used to it and learn to filter it out, but what gets lost in the process are all those other audio signals from earth nature that keep us on track, truly inspired and knowing where we are, the rustling of wind in the trees, birdsong, insects...I guess we get the chance to truly appreciate these things and realising their worth having had the experience of losing them lost them.

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